The Best Art Studio Ever.

After a very long train ride across the state, I am now settled in at Pendle Hill. My room is in the same building as their 24/7 art studio, so if I have insomnia, I can walk downstairs and create something.

The studio is truly amazing. The place is huge. From mosaics and fiber work, to painting and ceramics–this studio has it all. Looms. A printing press. Potter’s wheels and kilns. A CD player. Multiple couches. Coffee and tea. And more art supplies than you can shake a stick at. My dream studio if I ever saw one.

The studio is also adorned with many original artworks made by community artists, and inspirational poems. Here are some photos:

I already have some sewing and beading projects in mind. To fit in among all the writing, of course!

To bed, and then to writing in the morning.