A very long, very full, and very good first day of training. No matter how many times I experience it, I am always amazed at how the act of writing together can bring people closer to each other (and to themselves). I always feel more alive, more human, after writing, even when it’s difficult. And I feel the same when listening to others’ writing. Heart food.

I leave you with some images of my dorm hallway, and the lovely origami crane installation hanging in the stairwell. Please forgive the one darker photo–it was the only way to capture the glow.


The Best Art Studio Ever.

After a very long train ride across the state, I am now settled in at Pendle Hill. My room is in the same building as their 24/7 art studio, so if I have insomnia, I can walk downstairs and create something.

The studio is truly amazing. The place is huge. From mosaics and fiber work, to painting and ceramics–this studio has it all. Looms. A printing press. Potter’s wheels and kilns. A CD player. Multiple couches. Coffee and tea. And more art supplies than you can shake a stick at. My dream studio if I ever saw one.

The studio is also adorned with many original artworks made by community artists, and inspirational poems. Here are some photos:

I already have some sewing and beading projects in mind. To fit in among all the writing, of course!

To bed, and then to writing in the morning.

Amherst Writers & Artists

This morning, I’m boarding an early train to Philadelphia, where Amherst Writers & Artists is holding one of their Workshop Leadership Trainings. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn new ways of leading writing workshops in ways that are supportive, intimate, and positive. And I’m looking forward to returning to Pendle Hill Retreat Center, a beautiful Quaker community just outside of Philly.

If I can, I’ll post some updates while I’m there (the day will be super-packed!)